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Sesame Street “D”oes Apple

October 6, 2009

K: Doesn’t this make you want to go back and watch the Sesame Street episodes from when you were a kid to figure out what pop culture references were used to teach us things?

The best children’s movies and shows seem to be the ones that cater to adults without letting kids know it (hello Pixar) and Sesame Street has been doing it for decades, inviting celebs and distinguished artists to guest star and impersonating them with muppets.

S: What I like about this clip is that it’s about dancing, which makes kids MOVE and not sit on the couch! But yeah, I get that they’re using something that people from a large age range will identify with.  That’s the great thing about references to pop culture.  Pop culture is powerful because it makes it feel personal to us.  And since Sesame Street is always new, it can do that without the risk of being “outdated” in a few years when the pop culture has changed.  It’s funny when I show videos in my classes, a lot of the students want to comment on the fashion or hairstyles because they’re “soooo old!!!”  I have to remind them that the concepts I’m trying to teach are still the same, but it goes to how effortlessly we pick up on these things and therefore how they can be used to get us to pay attention.  Go Sesame Street!

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