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Uh, we agree with Nancy Grace???

October 6, 2009

K: Ok, this is my first official post and I’m breaking a rule S & I agreed to – NO GOSSELINS! But this was just too amusing to pass up. Not a fan of Nancy Grace by any means, but it’s fun to watch her say things to Jon Gosselin that I’m sure many people have wanted to say.

These two parents need to just shut it and stop bickering on whatever television show (besides their own) they choose to sell themselves out to for the day. I finally caught an episode of Jon and Kate last night and damn it, those kids are cute and have no clue (hopefully) about the nastiness that is surrounding them.

I think the part that’s getting a little overlooked is when she says to him “you can’t go out with one 22 year old after another while she stays at home with the kids and say that you want to work it out”

And is it just me or is Jon’s lawyer creepy? I feel like we’re watching a poorly scripted tv movie of the week with the evil lawyer lurking and coercing his stupid client. Anyone think we’re going to see Jon on a VH1 reality series sometime soon?

(Whoops, I just remembered we’re supposed to be doing “intellectual commentary”…)

S: I’m still floored by the fact that Nancy Grace and I are on the same side.  I guess my usual problem with her is that she interrogates too much (as she did with poor Elizabeth Smart).  But when it comes to Jon Gosselin, she can interrogate all she wants since I basically have a blind hatred for him.  I think the thing we agree with Nancy Grace on is that it is still completely unfair for the welfare of the children to lie entirely with the mother.  All eyes are on Kate to see if she can raise them by herself, while Jon gets to go out and “fall in love” with some young thang that gives it up to him despite his having eight kids.  I mean come on, do you think he’s considering the welfare of his children when he’s looking for someone to fall in love with? PUH-LEEZ.  And I for one, am sick and tired of women bearing the brunt on one side while on the other we get to say how FAR we’ve come in terms of gender equality.  Until he’s tied to those kids as much as Kate is, Nancy Grace can grill him again and again…until he feels like the pathetic fool that he is.

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