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Babies and Single Ladies

October 14, 2009

K: A few weeks ago, S found this super cute video of a little baby boy bouncing his little booty up and down to Beyonce’s Single Ladies. According to the father, the baby boy hadn’t even been walking, yet was able to bob up and down in beat! Well, apparently, it wasn’t just this one little baby – for some reason, babies and children loooovve Single Ladies! So much so that Time magazine just published an article trying to explain the phenomenon. It’s a short article that includes some short quotes from  “experts” explaining that the beats and vocals make it addictive to children…they actually liken it to teletubbies. I don’t know what kind of teletubbies THEIR children are watching, but it sure isn’t anything like Beyonce 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In the article, there’s a quote:

“Young children love songs with good rhythm and repetition, and ‘Single Ladies’ certainly has both,” says Shall, whose company once a month in 21 cities turns bars into child-proof discos.”

WHAA? I think THAT needs some more explanation.

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