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The Fame Monster

December 4, 2009

K: I have that “Bad Romance” song in my head.
S: I know! Me too! RA RA…RA RA RA. I hate it.
K: Me too.

… week later…

K: So I kinda like “Bad Romance” now.
S: <sigh> Yeah, me too.

Since I’m on the whole reviewing kick I figured I’d give my two cents on Lady Gaga’s “The Fame Monster.” I think this review is especially funny because of the actual conversation that happened between me and K about “Bad Romance” – the first single off the album. Is it even an album? It’s a like a sequel to an album, since it’s “The Fame Monster,” which is a play on her first album, “The Fame.” And it’s only eight songs. So really it’s like a part two.

Overall, it’s cute.  The entire album reminds me a little bit of Madonna in her her “Borderline” days.  The beats sound futuristic but familiar and the lyrics are kind of great, since LG is a fantastic lyricist.  In the song “So Happy I Could Die” she keeps talking about touching herself.  But it fits. It’s not sexual, it’s just a kind of statement of how happy she is if that makes sense.  The song “Teeth” is easily my favorite track because it incorporates a ’40s soul/gospel/Black church feel that is reminiscent of Christina Aguilera’s “Back to Basics” album.  Can it be “reminiscent” if it’s only from a couple years ago?  Sure, why not.  Her voice even sounds similar.  But the lyrics are to die for: “Take a bite out of my bad girl meat.”  Hell yeah!  “Alejandro” is kind of funny, especially since she keeps going back between the name “Alejandro” and “Fernando.”  And I feel like “Telephone” follows along the same lines as “Bad Romance” for me, at first I thought it was awful but it’s slowly growing on me.  And I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been in that situation.  I just leave my phone at home now. Lesson learned!  The other songs are pretty catchy too and I can see myself playing them when I’m running or when I’m getting ready to go out on the town.

The rest of the songs are pretty good, and all are about the dynamics between girls and boys which is a bit ironic since she’s openly bisexual and advocates for the LGBT community.  (Some of her songs talk about “she” but on first listen it seemed like she was referring to someone as if a narrator.)  She’s no Adam Lambert whose lyrics are obviously about him and other men and I LOVE HIM for it. I’m going to take this moment to say I’m a little sad that LG doesn’t use her lyrics to comment on the world around her, instead of having ALL of her songs be about love/relationships/sex.  It’s refreshing that her songs empower women in the bedroom, but I would like her to comment on other stuff too.  Although I’m sure she’ll be around for a long time and will get to that!

Considering I’m paying for this album I’m going to give it:

4/5 stars


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