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I’m Defending Taylor Swift (gasp!)

February 3, 2010

Some people are claiming that Taylor Swift robbed Lady Gaga of the “Album of the Year” award at this year’s Grammy show.  I am one of Lady Gaga’s biggest fans, as evidenced by my review of her Fame Monster in this very blog.  But even I know that while the level of devotion of her fans is unrivaled, the sheer number of Taylor Swift fans is undoubtedly larger.

I think one of the problems is that many of us are blogging from one of the coasts, where Lady Gaga fans tend to congregate.  Many times I have to remind myself that the majority of the country lives somewhere in “the middle” as one of my good friends likes to call it.  And many of these people not only aren’t interested in Lady Gaga, but are turned off by her insistence on being “out there” and her unabashed support for gay rights.  So I wouldn’t doubt that Taylor Swift outsold Gaga by a wide margin in many red and swing states. Not to mention that Swift was able to pull off one of the hardest things to do in pop music – cross over from country.

My problem with the idea that Lady Gaga was robbed comes from the idea that the experiences of an average White, teenage girl – with all of their ups, downs, and dramatic three week relationships – are being criticized as being too simple and not bringing anything new to the table.  I’ll have you know that I doubt I’ve listened to a whole radio-aired Taylor Swift song, since I reflexively turn the station any time one of her songs comes on.  I do however own one of her songs called “You’re Not Sorry” from the album that won her the Grammy.  I could have used that song the first time a boyfriend convinced me that everything was going to be okay simply because he was sorry, and he claimed he wouldn’t commit the transgression again.  What I’m trying to get at is that Taylor Swift speaks to all those girls that feel alone in their oh-so-dramatic teenage years.  And sooner or later we realize just how out of proportion we blew our entire high school experience.  But in the moment, it felt huge.  Admit it.

So while I am not a fan of Taylor Swift I admire that she wrote all of her music, she can play the guitar, and she doesn’t belittle the experiences of her fans but instead embraces them and puts them to a catchy country melody.  Go girl.  Do your thing.

You know who else can keep doing her thing? Pink.  She effin’ rocks my socks and I love her.  Enjoy her performance for the first time or again if you’ve already seen it:

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