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What the snuggie hath spawned

February 10, 2010

K: Hey S, I think we can stop putting our initials on these blogs because it’s become blatantly obvious which posts are yours and which are mine – meaning mine usually correspond to some useless, random thing I find amusing, while yours has actual commentary and deeper thought.

Which leads me to this post – you’ve all seen the snuggie commercial by now, right?

Welcome, the Hoodie Footie Snuggle Suit. Yes, that’s the actual name.

The HFSS is essentially a giant onesie with some additional features – a hoodie. fingerless gloves. zippers.

Each time they mention “marshmallow soft fleece” I think that the HFSS is edible.  Also, did you know that footed pajamas were “all the rage” among women? One of the innovative features of the HFSS is that it has zip-able footies (so you can remove them if you get too hot) – because you know, it’s not as if thermal socks exist and are easier to put on and take off.

What’s odd to me about this 2 minute commercial is that it partially copies the Snuggie’s “this is so ridiculous” strategy (who really has that much trouble adjusting a blanket? Also, do women have difficulty “moving around”?), with less success – but then again I never wanted a Snuggie so perhaps I’m not the target audience for these ads. The HFSS is a pajama. Like, if you wear one you look like an adult who wants to look like a baby.

And now that I think about it, how do you…er…go to the bathroom with this thing on?

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