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Ironic Census Rage

April 6, 2010
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Every ten years, the U.S. government makes an effort to “Count America” by taking the census.  While this 10-question “survey” is rather simple and straightforward, the census has not gone on without its fair share of controversies.  One such controversy revolves around the inclusion of  the term “Negro”, along with “Black and African Am.” as an option for answering Question #9 (What is person X’s race?).

Question 9 - 2010 Census

I filled out my census form, checked the “Black, African Am., or Negro” box and moved on without a second thought.  Others, however, have expressed their discomfort, anger and even outrage about the term’s inclusion.  Many are even expressing their outrage on popular social networking sites, such as Twitter.

One person of the screen name “DatNiggaPParker” wrote the following tweet:

“its fucked up how dey got negro on da census. if they put negro they need 2 put cracker too. and wetback, and chink, and all dat otha shit”.

Question 9 -  2010 Census

So, let me get this straight.  You identify as a Nigga, or more appropriately “Dat Nigga” (ironically — maybe even confusingly — reminiscent of the infamous “That One” – Barack Obama) and then are offended by “Negro” being on the census? What word best describes this act of irony?  Ignorant?  Confused?  Mind-boggling?  Hilarious?  Stupid?  Personally, I would just hand this one over to to MrEdLover so I could here him say … “C’mon son!

Many of us black people, myself included, tend to be fans of popular culture that promotes the use and self-identification with terms much, much worse than the term “Negro”.  Music is a prime vehicle for the proliferation of these types of terms.  The popular music of today often refers to Blacks as almost every derogatory term imaginable.  Even still, many of us choose to self-identify with these negative terms.  So, should I be surprised that Mr PParker wants to prefix his name with “Dat Nigga”?  Probably not.  Nor should I be surprised that some people are VERY upset about Negro being on the census.  But, does it make sense to be on both sides of this argument?

Isn’t it fair for me to question the validity of DatNiggaPParker’s gripe?  Even more so, can’t I fairly point out the fact that he doesn’t seem to realize the irony of his comments?  Is this just rage for rage sake?  Some sort of faux-rage?  For now, I’ll leave it at ironic, but something tells me that there’s something more interesting going on here.  What do you think?

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