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A Few of My Favorite Things: Bones & Modern Family

April 19, 2010

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Moving on…

It’s no big surprise that I watch a lot of television, and I just wanted to put a plug out there for two of my favorites:

BONES: I’m still honestly shocked that this show is on Fox.  I love it mostly because much of the primary cast is made up incredibly intelligent, sexy, confident women who are able to balance it all quite well.  In addition, there are real emotions.  One of the worst stereotypes out there is that professional and successful women are sexually and emotionally stunted or pent up.  Come on!!  I also love this show because it routinely uses words like: hypothesis, experiment, data, and king/queen of the lab.  Lingo I use all the time too (okay maybe not queen of the lab but once I have my own lab I’ll incorporate it).

Modern Family: I have to credit my roommate (A) for suggesting I watch this.  I now think it’s the best family-themed show…pretty much EVER.  I cannot say enough about it, mostly because it shows that having a family is not always easy and there’s a lot of sacrifice that goes into making sure it runs smoothly.  But it’s worth it, because it’s your family.  One of my favorite clips is below.

Later in the chess episode Gloria lets Jay save face by ending a game he knows he’s going to lose (and he is able to save his wife from putting up with his sore loser ways)  then says “I’m a good chess player, but I’m a better wife.”  So good! And can I just say that Mitchell and Cam are the CUTEST couple? They make me really look forward to the day I find whoever it is that will make me happy enough to want to be with them for the rest of my life.  Which is damn sappy and I love it. =)

P.S. I know two doesn’t constitute a “few” but there’s no song for only two.  You can always add your own in the comments!


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