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Better Marriage Blanket

May 3, 2010

I don’t normally post twice in a day, but I just came back from dinner with a few friends and my friend J told me about this advertisement she saw on youtube and it was begging to be talked about here.

You just need to watch it. I don’t think I can do it justice by trying to explain what the Better Marriage Blanket is.

“Flatulence molecules easily pass through the cotton shell and are harmlessly absorbed into the layer of carbon fabric…”

Carbon fabric which is designed to protect against CHEMICAL WEAPONS.

The big question we had at dinner was whether or not this blanket was legit and could actually mask odors, and I’m not so sure that it does. Because…don’t you wonder where the odor, or rather – flatulence molecules, goes? It can’t just simply disappear…it has to dissipate somewhere, somehow. Doesn’t it? Because the other option then is that the odor stays in the carbon fabric…somewhere…right? Or am I wrong?

Anyway, I’m a little skeptical of how well this product really would work, but I’m also curious to know if this is a huge problem for many couples. Or perhaps it’s just a less openly discussed problem…

But ladies – raise your hand if you’d want this as an anniversary gift from your man. Anyone? Anyone?

Oh – and it’s currently “on sale” for $49.95 – and actually it really IS on sale, because an earlier advertisement for this thing had it going for 3 payments of $39.95, or $119.85. Makes you wonder how good the product is if they’re able to drop the price like that…

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