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There was no way I wouldn’t like “Inception”

August 20, 2010

[Hi everyone! Sorry for the drop in posts…K has moved to Philly ::waves to K from across the U.S.:: and life has gotten rather hectic as of late.  But not too hectic to stop enjoying me some pop culture!]

I went to see Inception lastnight with other people who apparently missed the boat the last few weeks.  Since many of my friends had already seen it (and LOVED it) I kept being told “I want to know what YOU think,”  which was rather flattering.  I went in trying not to have too many expectations and with an eye for some great insight into….well…people…since that’s what I do.

If you’ve read my post on the shows “Intervention” and “Hoarders” you know that I am fascinated with the mind’s ability to hide from itself.  And at its core, that was what Inception was all about.  After learning the premise of the movie – that people exist who can infiltrate dreams and gather knowledge – I knew it was practically impossible for me to walk away without liking it.  The movie deals with reality, and how we individually define it.  If dreams are where we hide our secrets and let our subconscious take over, then why doesn’t that count as reality?  How is it that our mind creates an alternate reality in order to escape itself? What happens if our mind fools itself into believing that a dream IS reality, or worse, that reality is only a dream? What happens if all we want is to dream, because we become addicted to a world that does not actually exist?

Inception does a great job continuing in the footsteps of The Matrix (one of my favorite movies) by creating an action movie based on a nerdy plot – the action is really all based in thought.  And since I watched the movie in IMAX the special effects were unbelievable.  There is a scene in which gravity has exited stage left, and it’s utter beauty.  I would have liked to see more females as nerds (Ellen Page is a great genius) but I appreciated the bit of racial diversity (Ken Watanabe and Dileep Rao join the pajama party) .  Also, I think it’s finally time I say it: Leonard DiCaprio is a good actor.  He was fantastic.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy also played great parts with occasional witty banter.

I know that I’m going to watch this movie again because I thought the theme was a core aspect of the human condition and the plot did well exploring it in what is essentially a maze – a crucial tool used in the film.  We are constantly creating reality in our own lives by defining what is meaningful and important.  It can be our job, our children, our significant others, a cause, living life without pain, our next fix to get out of that pain.  And we are constantly escaping that reality when it gets to be too much – even if it’s simply by watching a movie and being transported to a world where dreaming and reality are intricately interwoven and gorgeously represented.


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