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Christmas is the Perfect Time to Tell the One You Love: You Smell

December 24, 2010

Since campus has effectively shut down, I get to do my favorite part of “research:” watch television. On the channels I happen to watch (vh1, MTV, TLC) there have been a lot of commercials for perfumes and colognes.  I mean, a lot. Enough that I took notice and started realizing just how ridiculous they are.

And that makes sense. Colognes and perfumes are a very personal choice, and in order for a visual commercial to sell an aromatic product (that will be a gift to SOMEONE ELSE) they have to go over the top with the themes they pull out.  The themes tend to be: sex, love, fantasy, beauty, love, and more sex.  This is to make it seem as if you are not simply giving your loved one a scent, you are giving them love, sexual prowess, etc.

In the end they’re pretty hilarious, so I’ve pulled some together for your viewing pleasure!

Armani rolls beauty, fantasy, and sensuality all into one with this scent that will be a lifesaver on a deserted island:


However, if you really want to impress the ladies or gents at the club, Armani also has you covered:


And apparently, Armani likes to keep the EXACT same themes and re-shoot the commercial instead of just playing the one from last year with more updated music:


Jean-Paul Gaultier has a pair of commercials that go together. I actually like the idea behind these because the experience of still smelling someone's perfume/cologne when they've left is a common one.  But the actors are over the top, and the bottles are TOO MUCH SEX.

This one is cool:

Umm...what's with the guy's outfit though? (I could only find the French version) can also get the cologne with an outfit that you strip off!!








Of course, sometimes they go the easy route and name the perfume the same theme that is sold in the commercial, but who really wants to smell like Britney Spears these days?


The Tresor one with Penelope Cruz (again, could only find the French version) is actually nice.  Probably because she's a real actress and not a model and she captures the "special moment" that Tresor is using to sell their perfume. But this scent has been around for a long time so they can do the little dramas (like Chanel did a while ago with Nicole Kidman).  It's cute:


But my the award for most over-the-top sex theme in a fragrance commercial goes to:


They should have taken a note from Beyonce:


Because damn...I really want to know what that smells like!!


Merry Christmas everyone!

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