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Kim Kardashian Looks Like Every Other Day at her Wedding

August 21, 2011

I have yet to write a post about the Kardashians, but I will. There’s a lot to be said about their interactions, and the business woman/glamorous ditz combo that has gotten them so far.

As some of you may know, Kim Kardashian was married on Saturday to Kris Humphries, who plays as a forward for the New Jersey Nets. While I don’t have much to say about either of them as people or their marriage, I was a bit saddened for Kim. This is what she looked like on her wedding day (thanks to E! who will profit greatly from these nuptials):

I’m not a fan of the head jewelry but I’m SURE we’ll be told why she wore it when the wedding in its entirety hits E!. (I’ve heard rumors she made more for filming the wedding than she spent on it. If that’s not business savvy I don’t know what is.)

This is Kim the day BEFORE her wedding (thanks to

Homegirl looks exactly the same! She wears so much make-up on a regular basis, and we all know how that body can pull off an outfit made for curves, that on her wedding day she didn’t look special. How sad.

I know of at least four other weddings that happened on the same day. I’ve seen pictures (on Facebook of course) and all of the brides looked stunning. But because poor Kim Kardashian has built her empire on looking as close to flawless as possible, she misses out on the moment when her future husband looks at her and she takes his breath away. I mean, she looks like that every day. I’m sure as a business woman she thinks it’s a small price to pay. But in a world where women are told there is always ALWAYS something wrong with us, we look forward to the day when all eyes are on us and no one can say a goddamn thing because it’s our day. And we KNOW we look absolutely fabulous. It’s sad that Kim must sacrifice that feeling so she can make a buck.

Or maybe it should teach us that our wedding day shouldn’t be the only day that we feel undeniably beautiful.

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