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Who Needs Marriage? J.Lo is Raking it In

September 25, 2011

Jennifer Lopez made headlines recently because she and her husband of seven years, Marc Anthony, are getting divorced. But since that announcement was made I feel like I’ve seen more and more of that J.Lo booty all over my tv screen. When I sat down and thought about it, I realized that she must be making money hand over fist right now. If the rumors are true that Marc Anthony was too controlling and couldn’t handle a powerful woman, I could see why the sheer dollar, dollar bills she was bringing into the family would be a problem.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Latino/Latina representation on television. I feel that more and more we are seeing Asian Americans on tv (especially in commercials and mostly East Asian Americans) but not as many Latino Americans, especially given that The George Lopez Show is off the air. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about diversity so a big yay for Asian American representation, but considering that Latino Americans are the fastest growing population in the United States (as all of the newspapers wrote about in alarm a few months ago) and Asian Americans make up 4% of the population it seems weird that we’re not getting a few Latinos here and there. I mean, there is SO much television these days now that cable channels are cashing in on their ability to make original sitcoms and dramas  that statistically I’m pretty sure Latinos are even less represented than African Americans related to their percentage in the population, which is saying something.

So how do I feel about Ms. Lopez being the ambassador for Latinos on American television? I feel good about it, because she’s always expressed her pride in being a Latina (except for that one time she played an Italian woman but it was a movie role so whatever). But I do think that more representation is needed with the up-and-coming, advertisement, and sitcom actors. That way, it would seem normal to think of Latinos as American, which many people have a hard time doing (I can cite studies if you’d like). Perhaps Ms. Lopez is raking it in so she can bring them all up herself, and that would definitely make her a powerful woman.

Here’s a quick list of Jennifer Lopez contracts I could think of:

Gillette (Venus):


American Idol (just confirmed a 2nd season):

Q’Viva! – A new show like American Idol but for Latin singers with ex-hubby Marc:

She has a new line at Kohl’s:

Of course we can’t forget her album – Love?:

AND she’s a spokesperson for the new Fiat 500:

I guess that’s what happens when you’re named The World’s Most Beautiful Person by People Magazine.  And I guess it’s also what lets you drop a cool $18 mil on a new house post-divorce. This whole situation reminds me of her song My Love Don’t Cost a Thing, since now if she wants to floss she REALLY has her own! Keep on keepin’ on J.Lo!

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