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What Do Rental Cars and Politics Have in Common? Progressive Advertising

November 26, 2011

[For all my regulars, sorry I’ve dropped the ball. Not having cable makes it hard to write about pop culture. But if there’s anything in particular you want me to watch/comment on let me know in the comments section!]

Today I just wanted to post a couple of advertisements that I’ll deem “progressive” but for very different reasons. The first is an advertisement for Enterprise, the rental car company. This commercial caught my eye for one reason: the people. It’s a group of normal-looking people (as in I could see knowing them as my friends) AND it’s incredibly diverse. Every single person gets a speaking line. Companies always claim that they can’t make diverse ads/tv shows/movies because it’s basically not a good business strategy. For example, many women’s fashion magazines claim that whenever a Black woman graces the cover their sales go down.  But it seems that Enterprise is really trying to milk the “everyperson” factor in this ad – these are people that are likely to look like the very same ones that will actually help you. Especially if you live in a diverse place. And I for one was made to feel very comfortable with that. So hooray Enterprise!

The other commercial is one made in Australia.Watch it below first if you can without reading the rest of the story.

I’m sorry if I’m ruining the punchline but this video is also about diversity. In this case it’s a commercial in favor of marriage equality. I was touched watching it, mostly because it uses a storyline that many people are familiar with: meeting someone (who happens to very attractive), the honeymoon phase, meeting friends/family, the proposal, etc. I’m not going to lie, this commercial is in line with my political beliefs. But the campaigns for same-sex marriage are not without flaws. And I think this type of message really hits home whether you’re on one side or the other. The heartstrings so to speak, as opposed to saying, “I’m right, dammit.” And that’s just a fantastic case for diversity!

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