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Rihanna Makes Clear: She’s DTF

November 28, 2011

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Rihanna’s Talk That Talk, I should probably warn you that if you do sit down and listen to it, try not to do so in a public place like a coffee shop. It’s what some people might call “baby making music.”

Rihanna is letting the world know, she is D – T – F.*

You really don’t have to listen to the songs though, since the cover pretty much says it all. Do you really expect me to believe that’s just white cigarette smoke spilling out of your mouth and onto your cheek Rihanna?? Ew…I feel dirty just typing that.

Another image for the album is just as suggestive of oral sex. (Yeah, I said it.)

Some of the highlights from the album:

Cockiness (Love It): Even though Rihanna seems to be the one giving pleasure in her pictures, she sure does a lot of singing (or as one person said it, “holding notes”) about receiving it. Lyrics: Suck my cockiness, lick my persuasion/Eat my words and then swallow your pride down down

(Is it getting warm in here or is it just me?)

Birthday Cake: This is more of an interlude. Basically for Cockiness. Rihanna couldn’t be happier that it’s not even her birthday but you wanna lick the icing off her cake. Awww, how sweet.

Watch n Learn: Lots of watching and learning going on here.

Red Lipstick: She’s so busy doing all kinds of stuff her red lipstick “ain’t up on my face no more.”

Roc Me Out: While RiRi’s DTF she’s not about to take it, ahem, lying down. She’s going to tell you just how she wants it. If you take too long, she might just “finish it out” on her own.

Okay, to be fair there are some more “lovey dovey” tracks but I doubt anyone is listening to them. Other than maybe “We Found Love.” I’m not even going to waste my time telling you what they are. It’s like commenting on how good the articles are in Playboy .

In case you want some visuals to go with Rihanna talking that talk on the album, you can check out her Esquire Magazine pics from the “2011 Sexiest Woman Alive” shoot:


As for my commentary on this album.

To be honest, I’m a little torn. I credit my own feminist ways in part to growing up with pop icons like Madonna and Janet, who obviously took control in their careers which manifested in songs about taking control in the bedroom (“Express Yourself” and “If” to name a couple examples). But at the same time, I know that a lot of young people are listening to the album after having heard “We Found Love” and probably having a feeling similar to that of a teenager coming across their uncle’s secret porn stash. A little wrong but overall really, really curious. How this might affect them I’m just not sure, but at least young women are hearing that sex is not something just for men to enjoy. And maybe more importantly, young men are hearing it too. Either way, Rihanna has the right to grow up and be a woman in charge of her sex life. But whether she really is or if she is simply following the formula set up by her predecessors is really an open question.

For her sake, I hope that she also follows their example in the boardroom, not just the proverbial bedroom.




*DTF is a phrase made famous by the boys on Jersey Shore. A woman who is DTF is willing to have casual sex or is “down to F.” (By the way, when you google “Jersey Shore DTF” you get a paid ad for Ashley Madison, the website that allows married people to find other people who are willing to have an affair.  Ashley Madison’s ad firm is not stupid.)

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