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Smartie Snacks 12/07/11

December 8, 2011

In case you’re looking to waste some time and feed your brain, here are some SMARTIE SNACKS!

A young man pleas to Iowa lawmakers not to restrict marriage to heterosexual couples: Two Lesbians Raised a Baby and This is What They Got

This is a commentary on that video that I completely agree with: A Mexican Immigrant and a 1st generation Chicana raised a baby and this is what they got

If you’re thinking of going to graduate school, you may want to read this first. (FYI, it’s actually not that exaggerated.)

H&M makes women feel even worse about their bodies by hiring models with almost unattainable bodies, then pasting their heads on digitally created (read: really unattainable) bodies. *sigh*

My girl Nicki Minaj (and Taylor Swift who technically was Woman of the Year) were honored at Billboard’s Women in Music Event.

Considering we’re still in a major recession, it’s astonishing that Vogue put this list of ideal Christmas presents out. And they wonder what Occupy Wall Street people are griping about.

Happy reading!

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