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Nashville is the Best Money Making Scheme EVER

December 1, 2012

Okay, so my only proof of the title of this post is that I, a person who hardly ever pays for any sort of online entertainment (music, tv, movies) that isn’t streaming (yeah Netflix!) bought not ONE but TWO songs from the Nashville show this week. And I’m not even a country music fan! What is wrong with me?

Nothing is wrong with me. I just fell victim (and am happy to because the songs I bought are AMAZING) to a new business idea: selling music that is really good but has no real connection to an artist.

As I’ve said in a recent post about Spotify‘s insistence on making music-listening a “social experience,” sometimes we don’t necessarily like a certain type of music because of what it might say about us. I might like a Selena Gomez song but owning it, or letting other people know I like it, might not fit in to my own idea about who I am. But Nashville has gotten rid of this pesky problem because the music they have on their show, and that is then available on iTunes, is all real music written by good artists but performed by television characters. I know they’re not real so I don’t feel as weird about listening to music that is detached from a specific type of artist.

Another great thing that Nashville has done is to offer up no less than five (but maybe more) types of “country” music on the show making it more likely that at least one of the types will strike a an audience member’s fancy.

We have:


Sweet, haunting love songs sung by the doe-eyed blonde and her lovestruck good boy writing partner (Scarlett and Gunnar, neither of which is played by an American actor…how’s that for not needing a connection to the artist?)





Classic country songs about love or dealing with the consequences of it performed by two “veterans” with voices that give the songs that “I’ve lived it” kind of feel (Rayna & Deacon)





The new pop country performed by Hayden Panettiere who bears a striking resemblance to current artsists like Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler. (Juliette)





A rock country that doesn’t actually sound like country at all performed by the angsty boyfriend of the doe-eyed Blonde who will do anything to catch his big break. Just like so many rock band leaders before him. (Avery)





A new empowered older woman sound that is slowly starting to show up on the show with Connie Britton’s character taking over of her new album .(Rayna)



At some point you’re going to like one of their songs and wonder if it’s available to listen to outside of the show. And iTunes will be there ready to take your $1.29 for each individual song.  And if you like enough of the songs you don’t have to wait long for an entire album. The Music Of Nashville: Season One, Volume One will be released on December 11th. Just in time to give it to a special someone for the holidays.

I swear, I’m not being paid to to tell you this information. I don’t have that kind of readership. I just think it makes so much sense as a business plan that I had to share. Oh, and in case you’re wondering I bought two songs performed by the actors/singers who play “Scarlett” and “Gunnar.” Because I’m a sucker for a good, but kind of sad, love song.


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